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Thursday, March 27, 2014

Short Shoots (Over The Past Few Days)

Been doing short shoots here and there. Haven't really had a train of conscious objective focus, however I have been sticking with the photographing nature/wildlife subjects as well as landscapes and trying to develop a portfolio of images. Went to Bear Creek Park around the Bear Creek area of Surrey, BC and photographed the creek today. On the 20th of March, I spent some time in Green Timbers and photographed a group of four cormorants that were hanging out in the lake.

So I have been getting out and getting stuff done and it's enjoyable. And the fun thing is getting the shutter click and seeing the image come out on the viewfinder and finding it to be exactly how you pictured it in your mind. That's the best part of this whole process.

Sometimes the shots are just outside my front door in the case of this texture shot.

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