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Friday, March 7, 2014

Boundary Bay - Walking The Dyke, Ontario Avenue and Bald Eagles

Today was a wonderful day for going out to Boundary Bay despite the cloudy weather. It was enjoyable walking the the dyke from my car parked at two different locations during the course of my time parked there. First at 72nd Street, then at 64th Street. Each time, I had the opportunity to spy a lot of bald eagles. However the numbers were greatly reduced from back when I went there last year in January of 2013. It just means that I will have to - this year - go back earlier in January to get the best shots. I was also hoping to see snowys but unfortunately, it's a little too late in the year to see them. Hopefully I'll try again next year. Because I wrenched my shoulder, I didn't take the big lens (600/4) with me this time, however maybe next time around.

However, today was not all a loss:

Eagles: we grow them on trees up here.

"Are...YOU the schmuck who asked for this kind of weather?!!" This eagle looks pretty perturbed that the wind is cutting straight through to his under-feathers.

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