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Tuesday, November 12, 2013

A Stroll Down Memory Lane - My Wildlife Photography Influence - "Auntie" Augusta Martin

If there is one person who had to be the biggest influence in my being a wildlife photographer today, it's Augusta Martin whom we lovingly called "Auntie Martin". Being a member of the Vancouver Nature History Society before it finally became Nature Vancouver, Mrs. Martin used to send me letters all the time with little clippings and including VNHS newsletters where I learned all about the nature around me. Being a school kid and not all that interested in nature, I used to wonder why "Auntie" was sending me all these nature things. It seemed, looking back on this with hindsight, she knew me better than I knew myself.

It is sad that she never lived long enough to see me realize the achievement of being a nature/wildlife photographer, but her influence stands to this day. And every time I see a bird or wild creature, I always acknowledge that "Auntie" was an influence in who I am as a person.

So "Auntie Martin"...this one's for you.

I certainly hope that Augusta Martin's family knows just how much of an influence their mother/grandmother/aunt had on me today. I don't know where the little bits of nature articles she sent me are now, but a part of them and of her, I carry with me every time I pick up my camera and my 600mm lens and go out to find birds and other animals...and I'm sure she smiles when she realizes just what it is that I'm doing now.

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