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Sunday, June 16, 2013

Pre & Post Shooting Thoughts on the AF-S II 600mm f/4 D IF-ED.

Thoughts on the 600mm f/4 (prior to handheld shooting at Green Timbers): Today I decided that I'm going to go down and photograph Mom and Pop Bald Eagle over at Green Timbers with the new monster lens that I have. At 11.6 pounds, the Nikon AF-S II 600mm D IF-ED comes in at a pretty heavy "exercise" weight. With some of the test shots that I have taken outside in front of my house, it has been steady which has been a good sign: the minute movements though are greatly magnified by the 600mm focal length and will end up making the image soft. But it behooves me to see exactly what this big lens can do. I have to say that I love this lens. It has to be one of the best lenses that Nikon makes. I don't even care that this lens doesn't have VR. It will mostly be on a tripod and I will have to upgrade my monopod to a Gitzo GM5541 to hold this enormous beast too. Today is just pretty much a "nature photography" test day for me to see if I can manage the 600mm handheld in the field and to see what kind of shots I can get with the 600mm f/4 handheld. More later:

Thoughts on the 600mm f/4 (post handheld shooting at Green Timbers (and at Surrey Lake Park)): After 3 hours of handholding that beast; my shoulders were telling me where to go and how to get there. This is NOT the lens to handhold by any stretch of the imagination. The only reason why I'm doing so is because I don't have the finances yet to purchase a tripod for said beast. Yes, "handholding the 600mm" can be done. However it is not advisable. Needless to say, the 600mm f/4 attracted a lot of attention at the two parks that our family went to today.

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