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Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Memory Card Snafu

Yesterday, my middle son and my daughter went over to Green Timbers Urban Forest armed with the intent to go photograph some ducks. We get there, and see a beautiful sight of ducks everywhere paddling around, splashing and generally making wonderful photographic opportunities everywhere.

To top it all off, I see a Great Blue Heron floating in the air...soaring majestically on a north west direction over the treetops, well within camera range. It was an absolutely awe-inspiring sight. And was a sight that could have been preserved for posterity...

except for one thing:


So folks, remember, you can't shoot anything if you don't have your memory card in your camera. Make sure that you check your card slot in your camera before you leave the house. Make sure that your memory card is in the slot before you even set a toe out of your front door.

Now as a result of this snafu, the only place where the memory of this majestic Great Blue Heron flying is preserved is in my own memory. Well...that taught me a lesson.

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