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Saturday, September 10, 2011

I Need To Be Awesome (No...I'm not having delusions of grandeur...)

But Awesome in the 500px way. In order to go awesome from your basic 500px account; you have to cough up $50.00 per person and in that way you get access to multiple "collections" that you can create and in essence create your own simplified "webspace" on the World Wide Web. For an HTML troglodyte such as myself, this is a godsend. Right now as a basic member, I have to catalog all my images into one "portfolio" folder and let it play through. Whereas if I went "AWESOME"...I'd be able to allow my website visitors to go and select the "collection" they want to see, whether it be wildlife or landscapes or aviation...etc, etc, etc.

Why do I need to be friends Megan Lorenz, Jamie Douglas, and Misty Dawn Seidel have all become AWESOME since they can really rock a lens and well...why should I be left out? Right?! ~evil grin~

How To Go Awesome on 500px. Look for FalconRose Photography to go AWESOME in the next year.

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