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Monday, July 11, 2011

Outdoor Photography Canada: A rare find and a great magazine

One of the best finds that I have seen in my hunt for photography information is this new magazine that came out four years ago. It's called Outdoor Photography Canada. It's outdoor photography for Canadian wildlife/nature photographers. It's a quarterly magazine that is jam-packed with info about photo techniques, equipment and other things relevant to a nature photographer. There's even an article by Paul Burwell in one of the issues with regards to smartphone apps that are of interest to nature photographers. And each issue is jam-packed with not only information but eye-popping photography from the likes of Scott Linstead, Paul Burwell, Darwin Wiggett, John E. Marriott, Ethan Meleg (just to name a few) and others.

You can also check out their website for the latest issues. I still have to get the issue that's currently out. Outdoor Photography Canada's website.

I can't consider myself in the same league as the friends who I've mentioned, but I'm certainly going to try to improve. Already, I've been bitten even worse by the photography bug that I'm biting down on a Lee filter holder and am planning the purchase of a set of Lee graduated neutral-density filters for my landscape photography. And I'm indebted to Darwin Wiggett (thanks, my friend) for helping me finally make a choice with regards to a filter holder. Unfortunately Cokin went belly-up as far as I know...and it's just as hard to find a Cokin Z-Pro Holder as it is to locate a Lee filter holder. With Darwin's help, I managed to locate a store in Calgary that has Lee holders in stock, so that's where I'm placing my order on the 20th of this month.

My shot of a blue heron wading in the shallows at Vanier Park

As I said before, I can only try to get as good in my photography as I can but it's going to be a lifetime of studying the habits of the creatures I'm going to specialize in. And I'm extremely grateful for the friends that I've made from reading Outdoor Photography Canada and "finding them on Facebook" and their acceptance of me as their "Facebook friend". They provide me inspiration to improve and progress in my nature/wildlife photography. If I can get my photography to the point where I can get a picture on the cover of "Outdoor Photography Canada", that'd be an added bonus. Thanks a bunch to all of them.

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  1. Hey Hugo,

    Thanks for the thoughtful blog post. It's great to see the mag being appreciated. A side of this photography game that might not seem obvious to most is how (at least for me) I question myself almost daily. Should I be doing this kind of work? Is it a responsible way to (try) to earn a living as a family man? Who knows? It is always great to read that someone is appreciating the work that we do.