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Tuesday, July 19, 2011

The Camera Store

Tomorrow, FalconRose Photography's order goes into Calgary for the Lee Foundation Filter Holder kit, and the Lee 67 Wide Angle Adapter Ring. On a waiting list for the Lee ND Grads. Seriously looking forward to getting some scenic landscapes (cityscapes) of Vancouver whenever I can get a hold of those ND Grads. Next month Capture NX2 and a 67" Hoya or Kenko Pro-1D Circ Pol, trying to decide between the Moose Warming Pol and the Standard Kenko/Hoya Pro-1Ds.

Will be saving up for the Lee ND Grad (softs) set and putting them to use as soon as Lee gets enough of an order sent to the shop that I'm buying them from. I have to thank my friend Darwin Wiggett for referring me to that particular shop because I haven't been able to find a damned Lee holder ANY where other than that. Of course they're handmade; and of course their quality control is the point where they're so in demand that you can't find them unless you have the dough to dump on 'em when they do have them in.'s to chalkin' up money in a savings account set aside for equipment (wife's idea).

Thanks to the great service of The Camera Store in Calgary, I will have the necessary equipment (the holder & adapter) to start using the Lee ND Grad filters when I can manage to get a hold of a set. Thanks to Stacey for the great service (holding the items on order till my money order gets there) and to Evelyn for placing me on the Lee 0.3/0.6/0.9 ND Grad (soft) filter set waiting list. I look forward to making the order as soon as they arrive. And I hope to one day manage to get a chance to visit the physical retail location in Calgary. Looks like a great store filled with knowledgeable staff.

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