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Wednesday, June 29, 2016

B&W or Color?

When I photograph, I look for landscapes that can be converted to black and white. I find that images with a lot of texture that can go black versus white work well for conversion. There are others, but I'm just getting started with landscapes. I look for textures and a background that can work with the image. Above all, I'm looking for opportunities that work well in different lighting. I went to Bear Creek Park on a cloudy morning early around 7AM when there were very few people in the park. Bear Creek Park is usually packed. I had one location in the park that I was wanting to shoot and I headed directly there with no detours. I will eventually go there with a Little Stopper and soft graduated filters. This hopefully will get me the image that I want. But since this little pond is in a rather sheltered location, I'm not too sure if I can get the mist on the water effect with the Little Stopper that I would get at the sea-side or a creek with some water-flow.

I'm tending to lean towards the black and white versus the color in this image. Partly because there's a lot of texture, but the main focus still is the bridge.

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