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Tuesday, September 16, 2014

Green Timbers - Relaxation and Solitude...somewhat.

Wandered over to Green Timbers this morning. Had the opportunity to do a little photography. But I need to do more. It's kinda slipped.

Almost seems like an artsy-fartsy shot, but was tossing ideas around in my head trying to come up with some shots.

This little feller looked like he was practicing to be a life-like duck decoy.

Two mallard females playing "follow the leader"

mirrored reflection of birdbox on the opposite side of the lake.

This is a first fall Eared Grebe. Makes me wish I had the 600mm with me today. The countenance on the grebe's face pretty much says that the ducks messed the lake up. Those are debris on the lake, not on my sensor.

If it wasn't for the set of hoodlums yelling by the lake and scaring the poor ducks, it would have been extremely peaceful there.

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