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Saturday, July 26, 2014

Visiting an Old Friend

Visited an old friend at YXX today; one that I haven't seen since 1983; one that I've missed for a long time. 101035 sits as a gate guard just outside the entrance to the new terminal building at YXX (Abbotsford International Airport). The CF-101B Voodoo performed for the last time at Abbotsford that year and I was lucky enough at the age of 13 to be able to see it in flight. It's been a long thirty-one years since I saw an F-101 and I'm glad there's still a One-Oh-Wonder still around to actually view. This one, I was able to touch. The Voodoo served as Canada's air defence fighter for most of the Cold War and replaced by CF-18s in the mid-80s. As one grows older, trips down memory lane seem to be more significant.

These are the burner cans from which the two Pratt & Whitney J57-P-55 afterburning turbojets pumped their 16,900lbs of thrust at full afterburner.

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