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Monday, October 14, 2013

Our Afternoon At Serpentine

What appears to be a Northern Shoveler, the black beak and non-iridescent head (not an iridescent green) is throwing my ID off.

Two Cackling Geese (they look like stunted Canada Geese - same type of markings, but different physically in the beak and stature) in mid-air flight

Great Blue Heron investigating the reeds.

A Mallard and his mate (debating on whether to put this one up on 500px or not)

Grumpy; not happy. A perturbed Great Blue Heron looks at the photographer with a jaundiced eye as if to say "You're just ticking me off for your own amusement, aren't you?"

Other images forthcoming as edited.

A final landscape shot of Crescent Beach while my son, daughter and I were waiting for my wife to finish off work at a London Drugs store in White Rock.


  1. Last time I went to the Serpentine Fen, there wasn't really anything there.. get some ya loose some right?

    When did White Rock get a London Drugs? I've lived there now for 2 years and last I looked, we didn't have a London Drugs.

  2. North White Rock - Peninsula Village on 24th Avenue.