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Friday, August 30, 2013

Some Really Nasty Weather Happening Up Here

We had some really interest cloud formations coming home from doing some school supply shopping for our kids. At the stop-light at 96th Avenue and 132nd Street I looked up and saw a huge cumulonimbus (CB for those who are aviation or meteorologically inclined) going up.

I believe the CB was situated over central BC and Kamloops is probably getting hit pretty hard. However just 3 hours later the sky is relatively clear and there is sun. I'm sure that tomorrow will be nice blue sky and I should take advantage of that time and go out and get a few more shots at Green Timbers or somewhere nice.

From the Doppler image - this was a relatively fast moving system and inside of three hours it is over Salmon Arm, BC. Just like I thought it was Central to South Central BC that was hit by this system.

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