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Saturday, March 23, 2013

Stolen Photos

We all think that it can't happen to us. That our photography doesn't fit the criteria of a photo that could be stolen. In a ways, having one's photo stolen means that someone thinks your photo is good enough to steal. But even so, there is the annoyance that you wish that they would have asked permission and paid for the usage of the photo infringed upon.

Just recently I have found several photos on a Russian website, after applying a Firefox browser app that searches out copyright infringement. I've been rather wary of my images getting stolen after having had a webcrawler farm my images way back in early 2012 and having to send several cease and desist DMCA-takedown letters saying "remove my photos from your site or else". Instead, I have decided to expose those users.

I have photos of the infringed photos on the site and the .exif off the images still retains my copyright information on the .exif data.

The stolen photos are available at this site: - Stolen Photo1 - Stolen Photo2

Secondly I have also found a site in Indonesia on Blogger mirroring at least 85% of my blogposts. This site "" has been removed by Blogger. I can't remember if Blogger found it contravened copyright, whether I found it and send a DMCA takedown or whether one of my readers recognized a post and notified Blogger on my behalf, but anyways it was removed. However the infringement still remains as the links are still accessible by Google and the infringer still gets hits on that blog removed or not.

Here are the original blog posts directly from my blog "Maniac With Camera":

And here is the search that came up when I "Google'd" the perpetrator. Essentially plagiarizing my posts and then profiting off them on a blog; I'm not happy about it.

Since I will be posting the to the perpetrators themselves. This next message goes out to you, Puji Leksana, and to the perpetrator who stole my two flower photos. "Take the photos down and remove ALL links to them. The fact that you could try to make money out of my photos which are my property as well as utilize my deceased cat to generate hits on your blog, Puji, is beyond reprehensible. You have 72 hours from the time you receive this message. I will not hesitate to bring legal action against you if you refuse."

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