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Wednesday, January 9, 2013

First Trip Of The Year to Iona Beach - January 9, 2013

Went to Iona Beach Park today close to the time that the park closes. Missed the sunset, caught the "twilight's last gleaming" on the water. Quite the day today. Two trips into Richmond. One to drop off a power cable for my wife's laptop, and then the other trip to pick my wife up from Kwantlen - Richmond Campus. It was worth the trip because I managed to get some decent shots over at Iona Beach while waiting on my wife to get out of her class.

I also saw a Great Blue Heron, however the shutter speed was too low to grab it as it was getting too dark.

This one should be titled "Leaving On A Jet Plane". It fits.

Silhouette of a Duck against the twilight reflecting off the water.

The branches were illuminated by the streetlamp.

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