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Thursday, June 23, 2011

Lee Filters - Why They Take So Long to Produce.

Mike Browne visits Lee Filters

This is the reason why Lee photographic and cinematographic filters take so long to produce. Each filter is custom handcrafted and quality tested. I'm planning on getting a set of soft 4X6 graduated neutral density filters for my landscape/city scape photography so I'm expecting a bit of wait on these filters which will give me the biggest bang for the buck. They are absolutely the highest quality filters that you can get anywhere. Well-renowned for not throwing unwanted colorcasts into the output, these are prized so much that they have a wait-list of up to several months. I fully expect that I will probably be thrown onto a wait-list as well when I order them.

Update: July 4, 2011: I have put my name on a waiting list at The Camera Store in Calgary. It may be at least late summer - early fall before I can actually see the set of filters, but I will be sending in an order for my Lee filter holders by middle of this month. Then I'll be going and getting some landscape shots to put up on

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