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Sunday, June 13, 2010

Birding on my Birthday

Been rather busy with a move that started at the middle of May and ended up taking until the beginning of June. And the whole damned new place has been in a major league mess and still is. But took some time out of the sorting and placing and went on my birthday (June 12) to Surrey Lake Park to take some photos. Ended up finding some very interesting flora and fauna (mostly fauna in this post)



We had the distinct privilege of seeing a juvenile bald eagle while at Surrey Lake Park. If you should see a nest, please, please do not disturb it. There were two individuals with Canon 400mm and 500mm lenses parked at the site...and I managed to creep in there as quietly as I could with my 70-200mm f/2.8 but I would not recommend staying there for long as it tends to agitate these majestic birds.

Found that I could also see Mount Baker from the area


This little feral rabbit was nice enough to pose for us while we were at Surrey Lake Park


At the entrance from the bridge leading into the park, I was able to shoot a wood duck sitting placidly on the cement log/barrier.

What I found was that Surrey Lake Park is not very well signaged so it was hard to locate it at first. A wrong turn down 72nd Avenue led to a farm where I was able to nail this wildlife action shot of a robin taking off with food in his mouth (which would have turned out much better with a 600mm f/4 however them's the use what you can get. The second shot is a panorama crop of Mount Baker from 72nd Avenue.


All in all it was a wonderful trek out and a wonderful time spent on my birthday.


  1. I always carry my camera; now after viewing your photography, I wish I could go to Surrey Park! Great photos. Thanks for sharing.