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Saturday, May 1, 2010

Went a little Tulip Crazy yesterday.

Went shooting yesterday. Went up to the clinic to get some medicine and then walked up to London Drugs to fill it so I decided I'd take some shots while I'm up there. I'd have to say I went a little tulip crazy as I walked up. My mother's place on 96th had several tulips and a blue-bell, so I photographed those. Of course, I'll have to retake the bluebell because it was blurry as hell. I'll check the other shots I have of it.


Tulips for Tomorrow is a fundraising campaign for Surrey Memorial Hospital. Every year they plant these beautiful orange/red tulips all around Surrey. Surrey Memorial is the Fraser Valley's largest hospital and a hospital for the southern region of the Fraser Valley. If you are interested please donate directly to Surrey Memorial Hospital.


These are tulips that I saw in Holland Park.


Same with these ones


This was a gorgeous red and white tulip that I saw while I was going past my mother's place on 96th Avenue.

I've always loved flowers and love the opportunity to photograph them whenever I can.

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