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Thursday, January 28, 2010

Robert Bateman

I have truly enjoyed Robert Bateman's paintings as they have been the most vivid paintings of wildlife that I have ever seen in my life. Having seen this book in the stores, I wanted to get this book and have passed by it many times. Today when my mother dropped by our home. She left this book with me. Evidently someone had given it to her as a gift and she felt that I would appreciate it much more than she would so she gave it to me. I am truly grateful for her gift.

I am not an artist that deals in paint. I tend to lean towards photography as my medium. Wildlife appears to be my forte when it comes to photography. And Robert Bateman's natural style with the paintbrush is what I have been trying to emulate. However his talent is without compare and the best I can do is to develop my own unique photography with regards to wildlife.

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